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What  to Expect


How long will my appointment be?

3 hours give or take.

How long will my microblading last? 

Not every case is the same.  Retention is based on many factors, such as skin type, pre-care, after-care, and service chosen. 

Do I take a day off work? 

This is personal but in my opinion, it is not necessary.  If you work in an unclean environment, then it could be necessary.

What is the recovery time? 

Approximately, 10-14 days

Do I need a consultation?

Consults are not required.  If you have any questions about microblading it is best to get all information to be fully prepared or to make sure this service suits you.

Can you fix or retouch my old work from another artist? 

Possibly, but in this case, I require a consultation before booking?

Can you receive microblading if you are pregnant?

As a precaution, I do not perform permanent makeup on pregnant women.  I recommend waiting around 3-4 months postpartum until hormones are regulated.

You cannot receive permanent makeup services if:

Pregnant; Currently using or have used Accutane in the past year; Are on blood-thinning medications; Have Rosacea or Psoriasis near the brow area; Have a fresh tan or sunburn on the face; Currently experiencing cancer treatments

Do you guarantee your work?

Unfortunately, everyone's skin takes pigment differently.  I give you pre and post-care information to help you achieve your best results AND assure you that I will do everything within my ability to help you achieve your best pigment retention. 

Can I get botox before my appointment? 

If you get botox regularly, you can receive it 2 weeks before or after your microblading appointment.  If it is not something you do regularly, I recommend waiting until after your microblading is fully retained.


Interested in Permanent Makeup?

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